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Unlisted Phone Number Directory – Does One Exist?

Telephone directories like WhitePages and YellowPages can be easily accessed especially if you need to find a telephone number. You can find online sites wherein you only have to input the name of the individual and the number will be displayed on your screen, if the number is listed. But what if the number is unlisted or if the number belongs to a cellular phone?

Individuals who get discouraged easily will normally stop their search at this point. But for those who are determined to find the owner of an unlisted number, you can try searching through the use of the internet. All you need is a computer and an internet connection and you may be able to find the person that you’re looking for.

There are several reasons why you want to find out the owner of an unlisted number. One is that you want to take the necessary legal action against a prank caller or a scandalous caller. Another is that you want to find out the person constantly calling your spouse or you simply want to get in touch with old acquaintances, friends, and relatives.

Conventional phone directories will work if you’re reference number is listed but if it is a cellular number or an unlisted numbers, these directories can no longer be of help to you. Your next choice would be online sites on reverse phone number search/lookup.

There are so many sites gaining popularity nowadays especially when it comes to reverse phone search. Most of the new sites offer free services but this only true to their basic services or features. Once you dig deeper with your search, you need to pay the appropriate amount.

If you want to settle with free search engines, you can try Google, Yahoo, Anywho, Infospace, and other websites like,, and

There is no official website for unlisted numbers because the main reason why people want to have their numbers unlisted is to protect their family from unwanted calls and they want their numbers to remain private.

As you can see, most of the listed phone numbers often receive prank calls and constant calls from telemarketers. But if you have an unlisted number, you will be free from these headaches. You probably don’t want someone else to invade your privacy and you surely don’t like other people looking up your number. But if you need to conduct an unlisted phone number search, you can always make use of the available resources on the internet.

There are different ways to enter the unlisted number. You can try putting quotations and other marks that can emphasize the phone number. Repeat the same process in all the search engines that you visit and who knows, you may be able to find the person that you’re looking for. See how amazing it is that with just a phone number, you can already uncover a person’s identity.

So if conventional phone directories don’t give your answers because the phone number in your hands is unlisted, log on to the internet and see what information you can obtain. Searching for someone has never been easy since the introduction of the internet. Don’t rely solely on phone directories especially if you have a cellular phone number. Leave the conventional directories and try the numerous sites and resources on the net.

Three Ways to Trace Cell Phone Numbers

It seems that every professional individual or otherwise can’t live without a cellular phone these days. In fact, even students have cell phones. The popularity of cellular phones is phenomenal and this has brought about certain problems like unidentified callers.

Cellular phone numbers are hard to find especially if you try to look into the white pages or in any other conventional phone directory, whether online or offline.
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How to Search for Unlisted Phone Numbers

Mrs. Y was greatly bothered by the calls she received from an unidentified caller. The number was still in her ‘received calls registry’ and since she didn’t know the person, she was even more frustrated and anxious to find out who the caller really was. In another house in the same neighborhood, Mrs. X has already noticed a phone number in her husband’s cell phone. The number was unfamiliar to her and she was suspicious about it.

One day, Mrs. Y and Mrs. X were talking to each other and they shared their problems. It seems that their problems were somehow alike and both of them wanted the same thing – to find out the person behind the phone number. Together they looked for ways in order to identify the person behind the number but to no avail. The numbers were unlisted and they almost have given up with their search until they heard about the endless resources available on the internet and so they decided to try their luck.
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How to Search by Cell Phone Numbers Online

In some instances, you may have a cellular phone number in your hands but you don’t know its owner. It’s good to know that today you can already conduct cell number search online and most of the services are even free. Many years ago this would have been impossible but in today’s times, not anymore.

There have been many instances when customers are not satisfied with the results obtained from free services. There are several reasons why the results are not reliable and that includes – the database is too small and the database is not regularly updated. Even if you can find some information, you may not be able to use them because it is not the latest piece of information about the person that you’re looking for.
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Reverse Domain Name/Server Search

Did you know you can search domain names to find out information about the owner? A reverse domain name server search uses this information to tell you the name and address of the person who owns the domain. There are various reasons why you might need to do this. One reason is if you want to purchase the domain, or attempt to purchase the domain from its current owner. Sometimes people will sell their domain if the price is right. Some people even go into business buying and selling domain names.

Or maybe you’ve got a question for the owner of a website but there is no contact information listed for them.  Or their contact information is incorrect. In that case, a reverse domain search can give you the details you need. WhoIs is the best place to search for the owner of a domain. Simply enter the domain name complete with its extension, and you’ll be shown who the owner is. Some people have private domains. Private domains are represented by other companies who serve as middleman. If you want to talk to the owner of the domain, you go through their proxy company.

This is actually a quite common practice, with identity theft on the rise.  Having your domain name privately registered only costs a few extra dollars a year and can save you a lot of hassle. You can still contact the owner of the domain if they are privately registered, you just can’t see their contact details. Their proxy company forwards your email to them. It’s an easy way for domain owners to protect their private information.

If you’ve got an IP address rather than a domain, you can search for the information related to it on sites like Reverse DNS Lookup and DNS Stuff.  These resources are free to use and can be just what you need to track down the contact information you’re looking for. If you are unable to find what you’re looking for using free tools, there are paid services and databases out there as well. Check sites like Intelius and Akiba if you’re interested in a paid search, as they represent some of the best available.

Reverse Telephone Number Search & Lookup Tips

Sometimes, you may need to find an individual but all you have is their telephone number. Perhaps there are reasons why you do not want to call the person you are looking for. Maybe you need their mailing address or email address rather than their phone number. In these cases, it is easy to use the Internet to perform a reverse telephone number search.  With a reverse phone search, you are searching records using the phone number.  Sites that provide this free service include AnyWho and Reverse Address Directory, to name only a couple.  By using a search engine like Google with keywords like ‘reverse phone search’ you can find pages and pages of web sites that can help you.

Of course, a free reverse phone search is only going to work if the phone number is a listed number currently in service. If you are unable to find the information you need through a search of this nature, there are two options available to you. You can hire a professional investigator, also known as a private detective, to find the information for you. Or, you can do the investigating yourself. Most people would rather do their own searching rather than pay the expensive fees of an investigative professional.

One option is to search on your own first, then hire a professional if you’re unable to find the information you’re looking for. A good first place to start is your local courthouse or library.  Here you can perform a public records search that may help you discover what you need to know.  Public records include things like bankruptcies, marriages, divorces, birth records and death records. Some localities have web sites where you can search for records online.  This is certainly easier than spending hours sifting through countless papers.

Sometimes, the information you need can be accessed with a simple search engine query.  Try entering the number into a search engine like Google or Yahoo.  Experiment with entering the number with and without dashes.  If you’re lucky, the number will be enough to lead you to the address, or at least the email address, of the person you are seeking.

Reverse Address Search & Verification

A reverse search is one where you input the information you have in order to find out more about an individual. For example, you might have an address but need the name, phone number or email address of the person who lives there. In this case, a reverse address search and verification can be the perfect solution. There are free resources on the Internet that will allow you to perform a reverse address search quickly and easily.  Yahoo White Pages and Anywho are two examples of sites that offer free searches. It is important to understand that if a person has an unlisted telephone number, you may not be able to find it using a reverse address search.

In that case, you will need to conduct a paid search or hire a pro to help you. Web sites like Akiba, Intelius and Best People Search are good examples of sites which offer this service for a fee. Costs usually range between $25 to $100 depending on how in depth your search is. If you are uncomfortable using sites like these or don’t get the information you need, you just might have to hire an investigator if you are determined to track down the info.

Private investigators are going to charge anywhere from $50 to $100 per hour for their services. They may also charge you for other expenses like travel fees if applicable. Of course, different professionals offer different rates. To find the investigators available in your local area, simply check your Yellow Pages and start calling around for information. You may be able to find one who offers the service you need at a price you can afford.

Before you perform a free or paid search, or hire a private investigator, you should examine your motives for needing the information in the first place. If you are searching for an ex-love, for example, you should use discretion and think for awhile before doing anything drastic like tracking down their personal information. There are certainly valid reasons for performing reverse address searches, just make sure yours is one of them.

Reverse Toll Free 800 Number Search Tips

If you’ve got a Caller ID box attached to your telephone, you might find you are receiving calls from numbers you do not know. For example, you might constantly get calls from a toll-free number with no name associated with it. Some people get called by automatic dialers, and when they answer all they hear is a recorded message or sometimes nothing at all. Other times, there is a real person on the other end of the line, trying to sell you something. At these times, you wish you’d never answered the phone.

Or perhaps you didn’t answer the phone, but keep getting called by the same toll free number and want to know who it is? A reverse search will come in quite handy in this case. There are several sites where you can perform reverse lookups absolutely free. Toll Free Phone is a business directory that allows you to perform regular and reverse searches, and is a great way for businesses to get exposure. If you are a small business owner, listing your toll free number with Toll Free Phone is a good way to get your name and contact information out there so people can find you.

Toll Free Phone isn’t the only toll free number directory out there. You can find plenty more just by doing a search engine query. AT&T is a leader in the telephone industry who offers various free search tools on their website.  If you cannot find the information you need for free, it may be necessary to pay for a professional database search or even for a private investigator to search for you.

Perhaps the best way to avoid this in the first place is to take precautions with your privacy. When you call a toll free number, do so from a public phone rather than your home phone to avoid being added to mailing lists. There are now “Do Not Call” lists you can get on which keep you from receiving telemarketer calls. If bill collectors are harrassing you, request they send all correspondence through postal mail rather than telephone. Taking simple steps like these can prevent harrassment from toll free callers.

Reverse License Tag Search — How to Find Out Who Owns a Tag Number

Finding out who owns a tag number is as simple as getting online. There are quite a few websites on the Internet these days which can trace license plate numbers and provide you with the information of the owner. Akiba and Best People Search are two examples of some of the best search sites availble today. However, these sites are not free to use. There are reasonable fees associated with tracing a license plate number online. The only free search site that exists today is Search Plates.

Search Plates offers free searches, but they do not provide you with the information associated with the owner of the vehicle. They do offer you the ability to send an email message or text message to the owner of the vehicle, however. This is an ideal option if you need to get a message to the person but don’t want to pay for a search or do anything that might be considered an invasion of privacy.

A good reason to use Search Plates is if you wanted to ask a question about someone’s vehicle. Maybe you liked their car and wanted to know where they bought it. Or perhaps you wanted to ask the driver of the car out on a date. In either case, this free site can come in quite handy! However as previously mentioned, f you are looking for the name and contact information of the driver, this site won’t be of much help.

There is another option if the websites like Akiba, Best People Search and Search Plates don’t work for you. You can choose to hire a private investigator to do the job for you. Private investigators cost more than any other option but are often the most effective way to go. You can locate the investigators in your area by searching your local Yellow Pages. If there is more than one listed, call around to the different investigators in your area to see who offers the best services for the best price. A little comparison shopping can often save you a great deal on an expensive service.

License Plate Lookup — Can You Conduct a License Plate Lookup Online?

There may come a time when you need to run a license plate trace. Suppose there is a car parked on your street for an extended period of time that you do not recognize and it is making you nervous? You could go to the authorities, but perhaps you don’t want to do anything quite so drastic. By running a license plate trace, you can get information about the owner of the vehicle. From there, you can use that information to perform criminal checks on that person to ensure they are not a danger to you or others. Of course, if you see someone in a vehicle doing something criminal, take the license plate number to the police.

Another reason you might need to find the owner of a vehicle is if you notice a “For Sale” sign but didn’t catch the number before the car drove away. Running a license plate trace is a great way to find out the name, address and phone number of the owner so you can contact him or her. There are quite a few online resources that can help you, but they’re going to cost money. Unfortunately there is no way for the public to trace license plate numbers for free.  Examples of these sites include Best People Search, Akiba and Squidoo. The average fee for a search of this type is around $39 to $75. Some searches will cost less or more depending on how in-depth they are.

There is, however one way to contact the owner of a license plate number for free. Search Plates is a site that claims to offer a free license plate search. However, you do not get any information about the vehicle owner. You do get the ability to send the person a text message or email. This is a good option if you want to contact someone you saw in a car but don’t want to invade their privacy. Personal privacy is a very sensitive issue these days, so before you perform any sort of license plate search, make sure you’re not in violation of anyone’s personal rights.