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Example: 505-655-4545

Reverse DNS Search

A DNS search is used with an IP address to determine the name and location from where a computer is functioning. In some cases, this search may also yield the name of the individual who is using the computer. This is a very easy search that any individual can commence and successfully complete.

An IP address, or “internet protocol” address, is a series of numbers assigned to a user through an internet service provider or similar service, not unlike a driver’s license. It is always active and is shown wherever you explore on the internet. An IP address can be located whenever a computer remotely logs onto an individual website, sends an e-mail, logs into an MMPG, or uses his or her account.

A DNS search is also handy if you need to verify what an employee has been doing with his or her time during working hours. You can use the DNS search to examine where the employee has been and find a list of recent searches.

If you wish to perform a DNS search, you can visit this website:

This is a free service available to anyone who wishes to do a DNS search. Another excellent website with resources and offering an internal DNS search engine is:

This website offers a number of resources including:
• Background information on DNS
• IP addresses
• How to search for them
• ICANN Registration

You can also find a number of handy tools, which will allow you to integrate your DNS searches and respond accordingly.

This last website is an additional resource but is a little more complicated in use compared to the other websites. It is mainly a general domain search, but will provide you with the necessary information you are searching for once you have provided the DNS information.

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