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Reverse IP Search

Despite the common myth that some believe concerning how it is impossible to find someone by their IP address, the sole purpose of the IP address is to allow networked computers to know when a specific IP logs onto a network and follow what it is doing. The IP address is used to inventory members on-line who are using the internet or networked systems.

The internet is an important tool for many businesses and individuals. At times, it may be necessary to determine who the owner of an IP address is for legal reasons and to investigate further the individual. The IP address, also know as “Internet Protocol” address, had a number system which designates where that remote computer is dialing from, even if the person has a firewall.

You will find many free services on the internet, which can do a reverse IP address search for you. These websites track down IP addresses and their respective owners by translating the numbers within the IP address. Once the number has been translated, it is possible to determine the name of the company, which is the internet provider for the person who owns the IP address.

These are some of the free websites available, which performs these searches:

There are also professional services you can take advantage of to track down the owner of the IP address you have. If you use these professional services, check their website out beforehand to check their prices before you begin using them. Professional services are handy especially if you need further information included with your search. These services are also better choices for law enforcement personnel due to the complete information, which can be obtained. However, keep in mind these services can come at a high price for more information.

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